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Known as the most unique equestrian destination in the world, Wellington FL is home to a variety of avid riders, both as a vacation destination, and a year-round residency. The community is world-renown for its commitment to equestrian sport and welcoming atmosphere to all riders from across the country, and beyond. With over 57 miles of trails, a variety of competitions and activities, a beautiful temperate climate throughout the year, and the world’s largest horse show held from January through March, it is easy to see why so many equestrian enthusiasts consider Wellington to be the horse headquarters for high-end sport.

Wellington is truly a fabulous community. Incorporated in 1995, the town has since been outfitted with many of the finest amenities for full and part-time residents. Wellington boasts world class boutiques, restaurants, shopping, nightclubs, as well as The Mall at Wellington Green, which offers many fine establishments. In nearby Palm Springs, the Kravis Center for Performing Arts and the Norton Museum of Art offer a bit of culture to this palatial seaside town, and the Atlantic breeze and comfortable climate throughout the year make life nothing short of a pleasure to all who visit this sun-kissed community.

However, it is the equestrian activities which lend fame to Wellington, and they are rightly deserved, for nowhere else in the country can one enjoy the sports of polo, jumping, barrel racing, and dressage throughout the year in such comfort, elegance, and class. The community is welcoming to riders of all ages and experience levels, as there are more than enough opportunities to either take beginner’s lessons, or compete with world-class Olympians. Additionally, the facilities for travelling horses range from affordable to exquisite, and are acclaimed by many who ride there. Wellington is home to a number of famous equestrian clubs, as well as the America’s only polo museum, the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame. With approximately 45 distinct polo fields, it is no wonder that Wellington ranked amongst the top five best equestrian communities by Racehorse magazine.

As a leisure destination, Wellington does host a significant semi-permanent population of equestrian enthusiasts who either own or rent property within the city limits. These individuals hail from across the United States and the world, and make up a diverse community with common interests. Locals who live in Wellington throughout the year report enjoying the rich diversity of riders who come and make their acquaintance, share in their experiences as sportsmen and enthusiasts from their own unique part of the world, and generally enrichen the lives of their new friends and neighbors.

Owning property in Wellington has many benefits. Despite the economic recession, property values in Wellington remain a sound investment. Development is well underway in many areas of the town, and many land prospectors are finding success selling their lots. Additionally, the beautiful weather and proximity to Palm Springs, the beaches along the Atlantic coast, Fort Lauderdale, and South Beach make rental units very desirable to vacationers, and well-furnished units traditionally fetch a premium. Indeed, many equestrian families maintain the cost of their sport by renting out their units during the off-season.

Wellington truly is a unique paradise, full of welcoming and diverse individuals who all appreciate the fine sport of polo and other equestrian sports.